Mako Longfin 3.0

Mako Longfin 3.0

Mako Longfin V.3.0

Designed and engineered to meet all your audio competition needs while maintaining rideability with a whole new face lift of our most popular kit the Mako Longfin. You will not loose your bike again in the parking lot with its sharp sleek body lines you are guaranteed to have one of the most unique new kits on the market. With sound competition in mind we make these a minimum of half inch thick side walls with the options of having them braced with our carbon fiber braces and ported in house or have your builder do all the custom audio work to your own audio needs. This kit is designed to only accept bond on style speaker lids. Cubic feet numbers will be released on 12/18/2023


  • 8" speaker mounting depth mounted at the back end away from the shock
  • 9.25" wide at its widest point
  • 1/2" thick side walls
  • options of dual 10",single 10",single 12"
  • options of carbon fiber bracing
  • designed to accept bond on style speaker lids(as shown using Insane Asylum Dual 8 speaker lids not available from us)
  • your choice of our premium paint ready finish with a urethane primer or choose to save some money in a polyester primer finish that requires additional body work before paint
  • extended 7" down and 14" back
  • side covers and bags are a 1 piece design to give you as much air space as possible in this package

What you get in your kit without any upgrades

  • 1 rear fender
  • 2 saddlebags with a blank rear to add speaker rings and with a molded side cover design
  • no bond on speaker lids available at the moment (will be releasing our own speaker lids soon)
  • designed for drop rail applications(not included unless specified)

Flexible Lead Times: Please note that lead times may vary. Early booking is advised for timely delivery.

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Mako Longfin 3.0:
Mako Longfin 3.0

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