5" Mini Shortfin Mako kit

5" Mini Shortfin Mako kit

Mini Mako Shortfin Kit 5" Down 8" Back

The perfect crisp body lines will make your bike stand out from the rest. Works with most 4.5" exhaust systems and even offer

no cut outs for those running side dump exhaust.

Full kit includes

  • 2 saddle bags
  • 2 side covers
  • 1 rear fender
  • 1 paintable license frame w/built in LED
  • All Parts are manufactured from Premium Composites laid by hand.
  • Holes comes pre-drilled.
  • Side Covers include threaded Billet Factory Matching Pins.
  • Finished in Primer.
  • Mock up required before paint.
  • Do not offer paint
Harley Bags:
5" Down 8" Back
Road Glide:
Road Glide
Street Glide:
Street Glide
Road King:
Road King

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