7" Longfin Mako Kit

7" Longfin Mako Kit

Extended 7" down from factory and pushed out 14" back with its radius bottom and stylish sharp edges you will have a bike that stands from the rest. High strength woven reinforced fiberglass used for superior strength to handle heavy speakers. No Bracing required.

Upgrade to our 10.75" molded speaker rings for a turn key audio bag.


  • 7" down `14 back
  • 1.3 cubic feet of air space
  • 6" speaker mounting depth
  • thick fiberglass construction
  • 10" molded speaker ring (optional)
  • stock rails
  • 3 coats of 2k urethane primer

This kit is currently in the tooling process and scheduled to

start production on December 25 and start shipping Pre Orders on Jan 7-14. These kit accepts all factory hardware using 2014+ lids (not included)

Full kit includes

  • (2) saddlebags
  • (2) side covers
  • (1) rear fender
  • All Parts are handmade from Premium Fiberglass.
  • Holes comes pre-drilled.
  • Finished in Primer.
  • Mock up required before paint.
  • All parts are made to order.
  • Do not offer paint
$3,500.00 Kit

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