Limitless Nano HD-XL

Limitless Nano HD-XL

Limitless Lithium is proud to introduce another great addition to the “Nano” powersports and motorcycle series lineup! The new “Nano-HD XL” is one of the first ever waterproof IP marine certified powersports battery that has a full battery management system (BMS) built into the battery. A BMS monitors all the important aspects of the battery like high/low voltage limits, high temperature and direct short issues. If at any time the battery is subjected to a condition that is unsafe it simply turns itself off. See the full specification sheet for more details.


The Nano-HD XL is a standard BCI case size 86

This battery is also a great option to be used alongside our Nano HD in a secondary location on a motorcycle. Since this battery is IP66 certified water resistant it’s also a great option to mount under the rear fairing of a motorcycle. Adding this battery along with a Nano HD will more than double your reserve capacity giving you some of the longest playing time possible.


Each battery comes with a 3-year manufacture defect full replacement warranty, so you have peace of mind knowing you’re covered. The expected life span of our Nano HD-XL battery is 10+ years with proper care and maintenance.


The Nano-HD XL has a capacity of 40AH (not AH Pd Eq). This is an actual true 40AH. This is equivalent to roughly 160AH of a standard lead acid UTV battery since a lead acid battery is only able to utilize 30-40% of its capacity above 12.5v. The Nano HD XL will support around 5000 watts for amplifiers on your large audio systems and will support your LED lighting as well

$749.00 ea.
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